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Zenoobi Makes Safer, More Sustainable Living Easier

Zenoobi Makes Safer, More Sustainable Living Easier

This week I have the chance to highlight Zenoobi, a fantastic company whose passion resides in being a trustworthy, go-to resource for a large selection of safer, more sustainable products. They focus on providing unique and carefully sourced eco-friendly, natural and organic products for babies and kids ranging from lunch gear, skin care, clothing, bedding, furniture, toys and crafts among others. I’m so impressed with their selection, and I trust in their ability to search out the best, safest and most unique products available.

Our family’s two tween girls have had their eyes on several of the craft kits for a long time. They finally settled on the Artterro Wire & Bead Art Kit, and the folks at Zenoobi were kind enough to send us one to try.

The girls got to work right away when the kit arrived! I enjoyed seeing their excitement about all the wonderful possibilities in the art box before them. The kit contained everything they needed to craft several wire and bead sculptures. Plenty of colored wire, beads and idea starters for our two girls.

They spent hours creating and re-creating wire and bead sculptures until they had them just so. At the end we had dinosaurs, pendants, necklaces, faces and tons of little accessories to display all over the house. The phrase of the day was, “I love sculpting!” and we were so pleased to find their young minds had been opened to a different area of creativity. I believe creativity = free thinking, and that’s something I strive for every day.

We couldn’t have had a better time with the art kit. The girls are already begging for another one, so something tells me we’ll be regular patrons of Zenoobi 🙂



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