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Testing Your Own Baby Products for Lead

Testing Your Own Baby Products for LeadWhat if you've already been using baby bibs made with vinyl? You may want to test them yourself using a lead kit made for home testing.

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) recommends using the 3M LeadCheck kit in their article Test for Lead. CEH provides easy to follow tips on using the LeadCheck kit with baby bibs, lunchboxes and jewelry.

When in Doubt, Test it

Many of us at the Center for Environmental Health are parents, and we know how overwhelming it can be to hear about toxic products for children. We strive to recommend simple, concrete steps that parents can take to protect their children.

Here's one important recommendation to parents with babies who use vinyl bibs: test your bibs. Because it is not possible to tell by appearance, brand, name, or retailer whether a vinyl baby bib contains lead, we also advise parents to avoid buying vinyl baby bibs altogether. We cannot guarantee that any vinyl product is free of lead.

But if you already own a vinyl baby bib, please test it. The test is quick and simple and requires only a hand-held lead testing kit, a common product in most hardware stores. If your bib tests negative for lead, be sure to wash the test solution off its surface before you allow your baby to use the bib again.

If your baby product tests positive, CEH encourages you to call them at 510-594-9864. They can help you interpret your test results. They may also be able to use your baby product as evidence in their ongoing work to get the lead out of children's vinyl products.

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