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Say No to Toxic PVC School Supplies with CHEJ’s Back to School Guide

Awareness of BPA in plastics is becoming more common, but did you know that children's lunch boxes, binders, backpacks and nap mats can contain chemicals linked to learning disabilities, ADHD, obesity, and asthma?  A new 2011 study found PVC is one of the most widely used hazardous plastics in the world because it's made with carcinogens and other hidden additives like phthalates, lead and cadmium.

It's high-time we protect our children and affect some serious change in the marketplace by saying “NO” to PVC products!  And CHEJ is making it making it very doable with the release of their 4th annual Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies, a list of safer PVC-free options for your kids. The guide lists the most common back-to-school supplies made out of this toxic plastic and suggests safer and affordable PVC-free alternatives in over 35 product categories, from lunchboxes and laptops to 3-ring binders and backpacks. Of course we're happy to be included in the PVC-free lunch gear section 🙂

>> Download the full guide:
>> Download the wallet-sized version:


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