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An Exhaustive Guide to PVC-free Mattress Covers

Guide to Non-Toxic Mattresses
An Exhaustive Guide to PVC-free Mattress Covers

While searching for PVC-free mattress covers, it became apparent that many allergy relief/bed bug mattress encasements are made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyester instead of PVC vinyl which is great news.

We also decided to delve into the realm of polyurethane since so many mattress covers and encasements tout a waterproof, breathable barrier that fully protects mattresses.

It's well-known that polyurethane foam is extremely toxic, but what about thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU)?

According to,

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a unique category of plastic created when a polyaddition reaction occurs between a diisocyanate and one or more diols.

In short, there are several different types of TPU, and the differences are achieved when various chemicals are added to the basic formulation (i.e. in the formulation of polyurethane foam). The basic TPU formulation is still petroleum-based, however, it's quite inert, not requiring plasticizers like phthalates to achieve flexibility.

All of the mattress covers and encasements with a polyurethane barrier in our guide have been confirmed to be composed of the most basic type of TPU, the same formulation often used in medical applications.

The Washington Toxics Coalition, Healthy, and Debra Lynn Dadd all agree that the polyurethane film found in mattress covers and encasements is a safer choice for those seeking to avoid toxins. We've provided polyurethane-free options in all categories as well, including crib mattress covers and encasements.

Each recommendation is water-resistant or waterproof, PVC and phthalate-free, and not treated with any type of anti-microbial application.

Mattress Wrapping to Reduce Off-gassing of VOC's

The best remedy to a toxic mattress would of course be the purchase of a toxin-free mattress, but what if you simply can’t afford to make the investment right now? We say start saving up and wrap your mattress in the meantime. A good place to find the information you need is in our guide to mattress wrapping.

BabeSafe is another excellent resource for information on toxins in mattresses that contribute to the occurrence of SIDS. They offer polyethylene crib mattress encasements specially designed to protect babies from off-gassing toxins while they sleep, and they provide a mattress wrapping protocol as well.

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Guide to Non-Toxic Mattresses


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