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PVC-free Ball Pits Balls for Safe Playtime

We finally tracked down a couple of PVC-free ball manufacturers after running into way too many toxic brands.  So many companies responded to our inquiries in the same way, “All of our play pit balls are made with non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC.”  Ummmm, right . . .

Not only are many of the balls made from PVC, but all inflatable ball pit toys we researched are made from PVC too.  Our kids are seriously surrounded by it!

Today at the last minute before publishing our guide, we found a gold mine!  We confirmed that Tinker carries only PVC-free ball pit balls!  And to top it off, they take care of the secondary worry by offering many non-inflatable ball pits too.  Now that's our kind of store 🙂

PVC-free Ball Pits and Balls has several tent-like ball pits like this one, which is the Playhut Magic Ball Zone.  The tent is made from polyester with nylon bindings, mesh, polyethylene floor and comes with 100 3″ polyethylene balls.  They also sell Crush Proof Commercial Color Balls and Commercial Clear Balls separately.

We spoke the makers of the Giga Tent Ball Pit Playhouse and confirmed that the tent itself is made with durable polyester walls and a polyethylene floor and it comes with 36 polyethylene balls.  You can purchase it from sells 3″ balls made from polyethylene in many different colors and quantities.

As always, we'll continue to add more safe alternatives as we locate them.


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