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Non-Toxic Nursery Decorating 101

Decorating Your Nursery without harmful common toxins found in furniture, paint, and toys. #nontoxic #babyproofing #babysafety


Decorating the nursery is a special and important part of welcoming a new addition to your family. However, so many household products are filled with toxins that it’s difficult to find a way to make your baby’s space free from dangerous fibers and chemicals. Here are a few tips to help you create a beautiful, safe place for your little one.

Room Decoration

When painting and decorating your new nursery, choose paints free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and make sure to air the room out after painting and carpeting. If you want to stay away from wall to wall carpet, as it can hold onto dust and other allergens, choose rugs made from natural organic cottons, wools, or bamboo. Make sure any curtains meet the same textile requirements, or use PVC free blinds.

Stokke Natural Nursery Furniture | Project Nursery

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Nursery Furniture

Many mass-produced pieces of furniture are made using formaldehyde, so try to pick cribs and chairs made from solid wood rather than corkboard and make sure any paint or varnish is also free from VOCs. Sheets and blankets made from organic cotton and wool are safer than fabric blends and have the added bonus of being more comfortable for baby’s sensitive skin.

Oeuf Robin Collection | Baby Center

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Finishing Touches

Most new parents know that wooden toys are safer for children than plastic toys, as the presence of PVC and BPA in plastic toys is very common, especially in older products. Natural wooden toys are toxin free and traditional, so a few favorites placed prominently on shelving or stored in your nursery will create a pleasing atmosphere.

Natural Wood Baby Gym | HighlandWood on Etsy

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Green plants help to clean the air inside while bringing a little bit of nature indoors. Peace lilies, spider plants, and gerbera daisies are particularly good at clearing the air of toxins and looking good at the same time.

Peace Lily Cleans and Purifies Indoor Air | La Jolla Mom

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Keeping Clean

Cleaning your nursery with natural and non toxic products is a must for the eco-friendly parent in all of us. Buy products from Method, Seventh Generation, Honest Brand or other like minded companies, or make your own organic, all natural cleaners. Try making your own disinfectant with essential oils for a fresh and refreshing result.

DIY Non-toxic Nursery Disinfectant Recipe | Lindsay Leigh Bentley

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Don’t forget to air out your nursery on a regular basis, even if you already have plants helping to clear the air already. Keep any carpets or rugs clean by vacuuming with HEPA filtered machines and make sure shoes come off before guests come into the nursery.

By choosing products free of toxic chemicals for your new nursery, you will be setting your baby up for life with the best, healthiest start possible. Now, if only your non-toxic nursery would tidy itself!

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