Issue #49: Terribly High BPA Exposure in Baby Formula

BPA in Baby Formula

BPA in Baby FormulaFDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles but Not in Formula

by Alicia Voorhies, RN

With the hubbub over BPA in canned foods, including announcements from giant companies like Campbell's about going BPA-free, we're pretty clear that we need to eat fresh as often as possible to stay healthy.

But what if you can't?  What if you're like my friend Brittany who recently adopted a precious little boy and is unable to breastfeed?  The only option is baby formula, which turns out to be a major source of BPA in many instances.  Just consider the sheer amount of formula a baby needs each day – it's staggering!

The good news is that, thanks to consumer pressure and recent laws in states like California, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York, infant formula makers have mostly stopped using BPA in their packaging. And the FDA is finally beginning to get the message, too.

The Breast Cancer Fund needs your help to make sure we don't lose a new opportunity to get BPA banned from infant formula packaging permanently!

On July 17, the FDA accepted a formal petition filed by Rep. Edward Markey to permanently ban the use of BPA in infant formula packaging. Now the public is being asked to weigh in for or against the petition through a formal public comment period. Add your comments in support of this ban today.

If public comment convinces the FDA to enact the petition, it will permanently end the possibility of any future use of BPA in infant formula packaging and give consumers the peace of mind that all infant formula–regardless of the brand they buy or where they buy it – is BPA-free.

There's a bigger goal in this movement too, because this ban might just get the ball rolling toward banning BPA from all food packaging.

Stop now and visit the Breast Cancer Fund's Action Center to speak out.

P.S.  I'm curious to know if you would consider making your own baby formula in order avoid toxic chemicals like BPA?

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