Issue #43: Top 7 Camping Must-haves for Summertime



Summertime Fun without the Chemical Load

by Laura Saville

With the summer weather hot on our backs, we've been outside playing, camping, hydrating and looking for cool retreats from the heat. Along the way, we found lots of great things that have made our summer super fun and thought we'd share our top picks with you.

1. Freezycups are the kids' newest heat relief apparatus. They're completely plastic-free, made of 100% stainless steel with bamboo sticks and silicone gaskets included. My kids and I recently made our own frozen fruity treats, and we were in cool heaven on these hot triple digit days in Kansas City. Read our full product review here.

2. GreenPaxx Cool Caps and Cool Straws are an essential addition to our summertime arsenal. All GreenPaxx products are made of 100% silicone, making them nearly indestructible and super kid friendly. Our regular cups are converted into to-go cups with our Cool Caps and Straws, and we use them in place of disposables to reduce waste.

3. Bug Stopper Spray is our must-have insect repellant on camping trips and lengthy outings. It's all-natural, made of essential oils that bugs hate and the smell is actually pleasant. My son and I are insect magnets, and this is the only natural spray that's worked for us. Our miracle in a bottle!

4. The Sea Creature Pop Up Pool is a completely PVC-free kiddie pool! It's foldable and portable, made of puncture-resistant polyester with an adjustable canopy. Take it anywhere, pop it up, and you've got a water heaven.

5. We came across a set of Sand Castle forms just in time for our next camping trip. We believe they'll give us superhero sand castle building powers resulting in the coolest sand castles ever constructed. The forms are made of safe and durable HDPE plastic, and they can also be used in the snow!

6. We love the sun and we love to soak up as much as we safely can, but there are times we need additional protection. Enter Tuga Sunwear. It's both cute and functional, and their UPF 50+ line of swimsuits is chemical-free! The UPF is achieved by way of the knitting and dying processes during manufacturing, not by a dousing of toxic chemicals.

7. The Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log is a kiln dried natural birch stump that lights with one match. We need a fire burning frequently when we're out camping, so a fast and easy non-chemical way to get it started is always welcome. They even come with carrying handles for easy toting!

P.S.  We also love Zoe B Organic's biodegradable beach toys and you can get a whopping 25% off the entire Zoe B Organic store with coupon code HCHW12 through 7/31/12!