Issue #42: Tame the Yeast Beast Naturally

Using Real Food to Naturally Cure Yeast Infection in Women and Children

by Joanie Whitman

A yeast infection is not a subject many care to discuss – or even admit they have fallen victim to.  But the truth remains that at some time, many of us have been affected by this unpleasant part of life.  So how can you avoid those nasty, petroleum-based cream treatments?

Use this simple real food treatment to get your system back in balance, quickly and easily.  It's not messy and it's safe for use during pregnancy, but remember that the key is to catch the infection early.

For Women:

Fresh, peeled, whole garlic cloves (often referred to as the poor man's antibiotic)

Probiotic capsules or chewable wafers (powerful against yeast overgrowth)

Directions for Use:

  • First half of the day (for example breakfast to lunch) insert garlic clove into vagina.  It will probably work its way down but just keeping pushing it up till time has expired.  Click here to read more about how to safely use garlic as a suppository.
  • Then insert one probiotic capsule or wafer.   It will dissolve, so no need to remove it.   If you have purchased a flavored wafer, you may notice slightly tinted discharge.   No need to worry, just a result of the dissolved wafer.
  • Repeat this process for 3-5 days (although I've never had it take over 3 days to remedy the infection).

For Children:

Aged garlic extract liquid (the best way to harness the yeast-fighting super powers of garlic is to eat it raw. But if your kids can't tolerate that, go with Kyolic liquid).

Chewable proboitoc wafers

Directions for Use:

  • Everything is ingested by mouth for children. Start by taking ¼ tsp of garlic extract after morning and evening meals.
  • After lunch meal have the child eat one acidophilus wafer.
  • Repeat daily until the infection is gone. This method can take a little longer.

I've had so much success with this natural treatment method that I haven't had to worry about relying on standard treatments for years.

But as you know, I'm not a doctor, so check with your health care provider before trying anything new.