Issue #32: Dandelions as Food?

Dandelions: A Surprising Source of Life-giving Nutrients

by Laura Saville

I would never have thought such a thing. Growing up, I remember them only as a scourge that took over my parent's lawn every spring. The same is true in my yard even now, and it wasn't too long ago that I started looking at dandelions in a different light.

First of all, I have a garden and I've been doing lots and lots of research on things I can do with my vegetables (the last thing I want to do is waste what I've worked so hard to grow ūüôā And through all the time I've spent reading about herbs and vegetables, I came across a surprising¬†number of articles (many of them published very recently) that spoke at length about the¬†benefits of eating dandelions. I know, I was thinking the same thing…What? Dandelions for dinner?? Yeah, and people have been eating them forEVER; blossoms, leaves, stems and all. They look to be an¬†incredible source¬†of many life-giving nutrients including vitamins A, C and K, and calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium. Not only that, but scientists have recently been studying dandelions more in depth because it appears they have the ability to¬†suppress the growth of several types of cancer. Amazing, right?

I was delighted to find out I've had this super food right under my nose the whole time! So I went looking for ways to eat the weeds and came up with quite a few:

  1. I happen to L.O.V.E. mustard, and I found a dandelion-based recipe that's at the top of my list. Yum!
  2. Dandelion tea and dandelion salad look like worth while ventures as well.
  3. I'm also a huge fan of juicing, and one of my favorites is good ol' green juice so I'll definitely be throwing some dandelions into the juicer from now on!

And if you're really adventurous, how about some dandelion wine?