Issue #18: Safe Containers for Freezer Meals

Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Freezer Containers

Five Best Containers for Frozen Food Storage

Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Freezer Containers

Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Freezer Storage Containers

by Alicia Voorhies, RN

I was recently able to accomplish a goal I set for myself several years ago…freezer meals – woohoo!  Cooking is not my forte, but luckily, my sister Joanie's a mad scientist in the kitchen.  She created a tasty menu of easy, real food dishes, while the rest of us sisters helped prepare them.

The toughest part was deciding which non-toxic containers would work best for storing the freezer meals.  I needed something large enough to hold a meal for five that was also stackable because of my limited freezer space.  I found five great options:

  1. Kinetic Go Green Glasslock Containers – I love these freezer-safe glass dishes because they're totally leak-proof and last forever. The down side is that they're bulky and expensive.
  2. Ziploc VersaGlass Containers – these slightly more affordable new containers look very promising and are also oven-safe.
  3. Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Third Pan, – these containers are very unique with an airtight/leak-resistant lid.  They're very expensive and a little too small for our family meals.
  4. Sanctus Mundo Airtight Glass Container with Stainless Steel Lid – this ingenious dish has a stainless steel lid that creates an airtight seal when its silicone button is pushed.  Not to sound repetitive, but you're going to pay for this one.
  5. Plastic freezer bags.  Most food storage bags are made from polyethylene, which is BPA-free and considered to be one of the safer plastics available.  I ended up going with bags this time around because they handle liquids better than hard-sided containers, lay down perfectly flat and are inexpensive.  The obvious downside is that they're disposable.  Just be sure to let the food cool completely before placing it in the bags and empty it into a glass dish before heating.

I'm still waiting for someone to create a reusable, Ziploc-style silicone pouch to replace plastic bags.  Silicone would be awesome with its durable puncture/moisture resistant makeup.  Already working on it?  Call me.  You've got my number 🙂

P.S.  I just completed a shiny new Safe Freezer Food Storage Shopping Guide, so check it out and let me know what you think!

Quick Tips

How to Keep Frozen Foods Fresh

  • Pack foods in amounts you will use at one time. Once food is thawed, it spoils more quickly than when fresh.
  • Use moisture-vapor resistant packaging. Air shortens shelf life and affects food color and flavor.
  • If you have empty space in a plastic freezer carton or other rigid container, fill it with crumpled freezer paper.

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