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In Search of PVC Free Non-Slip Bath Mats

In Search of PVC Free Bath Mats for a Healthy Bathroom

In Search of Non-Slip PVC Free Bath Mats
Toxic PVC plastic is still a mainstay in the bathrooms across America, so the hunt for PVC free bath mats has been a long project. We're happy to finally offer you a nice list of safer options.

Now we're not talking about just any old bath mat here – we were looking for the ever elusive “rubbery” mat with safety grip.  We've come across many different styles of non-rubbery bath mats:  recycled wood, bamboo and teak that would be fine, but our goal was to find one that could be used with our kids to provide a non-slip surface.

Non-Slip PVC Free Bath Mats

Throughout our research, it was interesting to learn about the different types of materials used in bath maths.  Take a look at what each of the following PVC and phthalate-free bath mats are made from.

Organic Cotton + Bamboo Bath Mats

We would love to hear about other PVC free bath mats you've found!


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