How the Seal of Approval Works

Parents are experiencing an overwhelming sense of helplessness while struggling to find safer options in a store full of unlabeled products.  No one should have to be a rocket scientist to find everyday products made without harmful chemicals, but  current regulation doesn’t provide an effective way to manage the 2,000 new chemicals brought to market each year.

That's where The Soft Landing's Seal of Approval comes in!

We review carefully chosen products based on current research confirming harm caused by a growing list of endocrine disrupting and/or carcinogenic chemicals.   Manufacturers are only included in our shopping guides why they have voluntarily completed an in-depth interview to confirm the absence of toxic chemicals based on the specific category their products fall into (i.e. plastics, skincare, clothing, etc.).  We also review third party testing, all applicable certifications such as CPSIA compliance, and ethical manufacturing practices.

We are not scientists, just concerned Americans looking for safer alternative products from trustworthy, transparent manufacturers.*  We are, however, a seasoned team of women with professional backgrounds in nursing, business management, human resources, and teaching who are on a mission to help consumers decrease unnecessary exposure to chemicals in the home by locating safe, high quality products made by trustworthy manufacturers.

We invite you to join a powerful grassroots movement to change the way products are developed and produced.  It's never been easier to find safer products and make your voice heard through buying choices!

>>Visit our carefully researched Safer Shopping Guides HERE 

*Please note that we do not test products for the presence of specific chemicals.  We make our decision based on the information provided by manufacturers.  That's why we make it a priority to work with trustworthy, transparent companies.  The information provided on and is in no way meant to serve as medical advice.  Please read our terms of use here.