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8 Amazing Heirloom Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

8 Amazing Heirloom Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden Today


Heirloom vegetables are by definition non-genetically modified. These old-time vegetables preserve our history, our health, and our diversity in foods, all extremely important reasons to grow them at home! And luckily, there are quite a few types of heirloom vegetables that are easy to add to your garden. Plus…it's ridiculously fun to grow your own heirloom veggies!

Don't forget to choose non-toxic plastic containers and hoses when prepping for the growing season so you don't take the risk of contaminating your healthy food with toxic chemicals.

8 Amazing Heirloom Vegetables to Grow in your Garden

These are some of the most interesting heirloom vegetables available, and they can grow in most environments across the US without special equipment. We've tried a couple on our list, but we'll be adding as many as possible this year, especially the watermelon radishes!

  1. Sweet chocolate bell peppers are a gourmet variety available in the United States. They don't taste like chocolate, but they have a certain sweetness and a creamy milk chocolate brown color.
  2. Japanese white egg eggplant is a beautiful and unique heirloom species. It's a bright white egg-shaped vegetable whose plant keeps fruiting the entire season.
  3. Dragon tongue bush beans are bright purple and fun to use in place of traditional green beans while maintaining that green bean taste we're accustomed to.
  4. Gold rush zucchini is bright yellow instead of dark green. Cool name, cool vegetable.
  5. White scallop squash have all the hardy flavor of your favorite squash with an interesting, gourd-like exterior.
  6. Watermelon radish has a mild pepper flavor, and is brightly colored like a tiny watermelon. 
  7. Gold medal tomato is a staple heirloom vegetable. This beefsteak tomato plant produces a large bright fruit perfect for sandwiches.
  8. Purple sweet potatoes are high in the antioxidants, and adaptable to growing in both cool and warm climates.

NOTE: Purchase organic seeds and seedlings whenever possible to avoid pesticides. It also saves our honey bees by giving them access to clean pollen, not poison!

Heirloom Watermelon Radishes

What are your favorite homegrown heirloom vegetables?

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