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DIY Dandelion Citrus Lotion Bars with Homemade Dandelion-Infused Oil

DIY Dandelion Citrus Lotion Bars. You like natural body care. We like natural body care. And we LOVE this recipe for DIY lotion bars. #diygifts #dandelion #lotionbars #organicskincare

Dandelion in my salad, in my saute pan, and in my tea…maybe even a little dandelion wine in my glass ūüėČ I love those little buggers, and¬†it got me thinking…what other ways can I incorporate this underused wonder? There's no denying the health benefits of dandelions, and I always find myself asking why we started hating them. Besides,¬†I happen to enjoy¬†a thorough¬†smattering of dandelions in my yard once a year.¬†What's the problem¬†anywho??

I was browsing the interwebz on a quest to find some dandelion inspiration¬†when lo and behold I came across The Nerdy Farm Wife's recipe for dandelion lotion bars…Brilliant! Just what I was looking for. I couldn't wait to make my own version, so I ran out to the yard and picked a bowl of yellow magnificence¬†from¬†my very own supply of organic dandelions (they're naturally organic because I don't use¬†any toxic treatments on my lawn, and I made sure to pick the¬†flowers¬†from the front yard away from all the dog poo).

I knew right away what I wanted to add to the original recipe to make a supercharged moisturizing and healthy lotion bar. A little coconut oil, Epsom salt and citrus essential oils are just right for spring!

I just love these little dandelion-infused lotion bars because they're like lip balm for your hands. Just rub one between your hands and a thin layer melts off and coats your skin like a light lotion.

 Dandelion-infused Oil

  1. Gather about 2 cups of dandelion flowers and let dry for 1-2 days.
  2. Using a 16oz glass jar, fill half way with dandelions and use sunflower oil to fill the remainder of the jar.
  3. Set your glass jar in a small pan filled with a couple inches of simmering water, and let the dandelions steep in the oil for 3 hours on low. Stir several times an hour.
  4. Strain out the dandelions and store the oil in a glass jar (I just use regular canning jars with lids).

DIY Dandelion Citrus Lotion Bars with Homemade Dandelion-Infused Oil

Dandelion Citrus Lotion Bars

Ingredients: 12 lotion bars

You'll also need molds to form the bars. I use these 2″ round molds because the finished bar fits nicely in my hands, but you can use any size and shape. Soap molds work perfectly too.


  1. Combine beeswax, dandelion oil, Shea butter, coconut oil and Epsom salt in a 16oz glass jar.
  2. Place jar in a small pan filled with a couple inches of simmering water, and let the ingredients slowly melt together over low heat. Stir frequently.
  3. Once everything is melted, remove from heat and add the essential oils. Stir to combine.
  4. Pour mixture into molds, and let set completely.

Then just pop them out of the molds and you're done! I store extra bars in the fridge until I'm ready for a refill.

What's your favorite thing about dandelions?


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