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Safe Bath Toy Guide

Safe Bath Toy Guide

Here we are five long years later and we're STILL finding toxic PVC plastic in bath toys! However, we are thrilled to say that our newly updated guide contains WAY more safe bath toy options from brands we know and love.

As always, keep an eye on our list, because we'll add to it as we learn of more BPA, PVC and phthalate-free options.

P.S. Still not sure why those “rubber” duckies that are actually made from PVC shouldn't be floating around in the bathtub with your little ones?  Click here to learn more about why PVC is considered the most toxic plastic on the planet.

Safe Bath Toys

Alex Toys

Alex Toys offers a nice selection of safer bath toys, although the information is not readily available. Some of their toys contain PVC, although Alex Toys informed me that they use EVA foam and phthalate-free PVC exclusively. The following toys are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

Boon, Inc.

All of Boon's Bath Toys, bath tubs, and accessories are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.

CaaOcho Ocean

Their full line of 100% natural rubber bath toys are the perfect alternative to toxic PVC duckies!

Green Toys

Every one of the unique Green Toys bath toys, including the Submarine, Tug Boat and Seaplane, are made from recycled polypropylene, so they help reduce waste and encourage imagination fun in the tub.


Hape makes a complete line of safe beach toys from HDPE and ABS plastics, including the Sand and Sun beach toy set includes a pail, shovel, rake, and strainer, as well as many different kinds of sand molds.


Hevea makes unique bath toys from natural rubber.  Their Pond Bath Toy Set is unlike anything we've seen – totally natural and even biodegradable!


The Dream Window Pond Bath Toys are made from formamide-free EVA foam.

International Play Things

We ran into International Play Things bath toys everywhere we turned.  They have listened to concerned parents and worked to add many new safer bath toys!

Kid O

The whole line of Kid O bath toys is specifically designed to be PVC, Phthalate, BPA and lead free, and their toys are tested by independent laboratories.


Milliwik Splashimals Bath Toys are made from EVA foam and have been third party test to ensure they're free of formamide.


Their 43 Piece Set Foam Bath Letters, Numbers & Shapes are made from safe EVA foam.


Mombelle makes a 100% silicone Octopus toy and EVA foam Animal Shapes that are perfect for bath time.

Rich Frog Industries Bath Toys

Sassy Bath Toys

Sassy offers a wide range of safe bath toys, although you should be aware that they also make toys from toxic PVC too (i.e. Stay Clean Silly Squirts).  The list below includes products that are made from safer materials:

Simple Lines Co.

The Cool Fun Water Animals Bath Toy Set is made with 100% polyester, so no mold or mildew concerns, phthalates, hazardous paints, removable parts or choking hazards.

Skip Hop

The Whale Tub Spout Cover and Duncks Stacking Bath Toy Set are made from safe materials.


We were thoroughly impressed with Spielstabil's very quick response. We also learned their whole line of toys (with the exception of the ones noted above) are completely BPA, PVC and phthalate-free!

Sprig Toys

The Scuba Search Playset and makes the perfect bath toys.  Like Green Toys, Sprig uses recycled materials, including saw dust, to create their ingenious line of eco-friendly toys.  Read more about them in our spotlight interview.

Summer Infant

WOW Toys

All WOW toys are BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead and flame retardant-free! This impressive company offers all pertinent information freely, and most of it's listed on their website as well. There are four designated bath toys, although any WOW toys could be used in the tub.

NOTE: Fisher Price

We hit a wall when inquiring about Fisher Price bath toys. We were told by the rep and the rep's supervisor that their list of materials is “proprietary.”  Then they topped off our disappointment with letters of BPA and PVC safety assurance.

*Updated September 2015


Bath Toys without Toxic PVC? We've updated our list of safe toys from brands you know and love. #nontoxicproducts #bathsafety #babysafetyBath Toys without Toxic PVC? We've updated our list of safe toys from brands you know and love. #nontoxicproducts #bathsafety #babysafety


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