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Our team of experts has been helping parents learn about the dangers of toxic chemicals in everyday products and their effect on growing children since 2007.  We've carefully and steadily built a loyal fan base and have a large voice in the marketplace.   We receive numerous daily requests for trustworthy resource recommendations and our work has been cited by ABC News, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today, Fox 4 News, KMBC 9 News, KSHB 41 News, The Kansas City Star, National Geographic's The Green Guide, Dr. Greene, Kiwi, Green Child Magazine and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Today you'd be hard pressed to find a baby bottle made with BPA available on store shelves anywhere in the country. And that's primarily because women like Alicia Voorhies, outraged that there was a dangerous chemical in their babies' bottles, exerted a gale force wind of market, media, and political pressure that led baby bottle manufacturers to abandon BPA within just a few years of Joanie Whitman's call to her sister, Alicia. ~Margie Kelly, Healthy Child Healthy World

Audience and Stats

Most of our readers are women who control 80-85% of all consumer spending, live in the U.S. with a concentrated focus on New York, California, Texas, Florida and Illinois.

Their ages range from 23-47, most have children, a college education, and are interested in healthy living, homesteading, natural remedies, DIY tips and tricks, non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-toxic products.

Moms Influenced Most Heavily by Word of Mouth

As one of the most targeted demographics in terms of  marketing efforts, retailers should also know that moms  are more likely to seek and give advice to others about purchases of certain products or services. According to a  survey done by the National Retail Federation, 97.2% of  moms said they regularly or occasionally give advice to others about products or services. And just as often as they give advice, they seek it, with 93.6% saying they regularly or occasionally look to others before making their final decision.

Loyal customers are acquired by engaging them in conversations about your company, your brand and your products.

Marketing AT potential customers no longer works.

As a result of social networking and other online communication technologies, consumers can now use trusted sources they know to obtain information about products and brands, rather than rely on third-party advertising.

Spotlight Article with Newsletter + Social Media Campaign

Our favorite way to work with trustworthy companies is through a unique spotlight post and/or product review with high resolution images of your products being used in real life.  We always provide a professionally designed graphic to share on social media channels too.

A unique review from a trustworthy expert is one of the most effective forms of promotion in today’s fast-paced online advertising world. We write our spotlight posts a bit differently than other bloggers so that they'll be evergreen and will be able to be re-posted.

Examples of spotlight posts

Spotlight package includes

  • Dedicated full-length spotlight/review post
  • 1 Instagram image, 1 Facebook post, 1 Tweet, 1 Pin, 1 Google+ post
  • Inclusion in our popular email newsletter (22% open rate and 6% CTR = 4.5% higher than the industry average for our niche)

Social Media Shoutout Package

  • A high quality, shareable photo of your product in real-life use will be shared 1 time on each of our social media channels
  • Your company will be tagged in each post
  • Your choice of up to 3 hashtags will be included
  • The photo + our testimonial is yours to use as you wish in future campaigns or on your website

Examples of social media shoutouts

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