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You're in the right place if you want to detox your home, body, and mind, but you want science-backed research and practical strategies that fit into your busy life.

Clear + Well is a team passionate about wellness. Here, you’ll find conversations with experts and research-based information on:

  • Brain health and optimal performance (*think* managing hormones, memory care, brain foods, and supplements)
  • Gut health (*think* real food, special diets, food allergies, detoxing, and nurturing your gut ecosystem)
  • Clean beauty (*think* demystifying non-toxic products such as cosmetics, lotion, hair care, and more)
  • Detoxing your home environment (*think* detoxing each room of your house from harmful products and chemicals)
  • Holistic lifestyle (*think* using aromatherapy, movement, reducing stress and improving your mood, science-backed natural remedies, and more)

Allie Smith

Allie SmithAllie Smith is a jack of all trades and a jack of all household chores. She manages running a small business while raising her daughters. When her now teenager was in her terrible twos, Allie studied yoga (she’s a registered yoga teacher) and mindfulness in order to be a more present parent.

Allie's also an unabashed foodie and Paleo cooking enthusiast, after learning that her husband and daughter have a severe gluten intolerance.

You can usually find her at her laptop, in the backyard wrangling chickens, or in a grocery aisle obsessively reading labels.

Regina Anaejionu

Regina AnaejionuRegina Anaejionu is a bit of a wellness junkie. She's a registered yoga teacher, certified boxing for fitness instructor, certified kettlebell specialist, and certified durability specialist.

When it comes to household products, clothing, and food, she's an avid label reader because she's not a fan of hidden toxins or gluten. Regina has been plant-based for the last 2+ years and is passionate about whole foods without harmful preservatives and chemicals.

You can usually find her working away on one of her businesses at an NYC coffee shop, reading one of her 1,000 books, or traveling somewhere new.


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