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Allie Smith

Allie SmithAllie Smith is a jack of all trades and a jack of all household chores. She manages running a small business while raising her daughters. When her now teenager was in her terrible twos, Allie studied yoga (she’s a registered yoga teacher) and mindfulness in order to be a more present parent.

Allie's also an unabashed foodie and Paleo cooking enthusiast, after learning that her husband and daughter have a severe gluten intolerance.

You can usually find her at her laptop, in the backyard wrangling chickens, or in a grocery aisle obsessively reading labels.

Regina Anaejionu

Regina AnaejionuBack in 2015, Regina found herself pulling frequent all nighters and working on her business until she reached utter exhaustion. Her life had become unsustainable. While business was thriving, she was crashing and falling further into a stress.P.

She needed to make a dramatic lifestyle change, so she decided to give away almost everything she owned and move to Mexico.

During the two years she spent in a small beach town in Mexico, she transitioned to a plant-based diet, fell in love with yoga (and then became a registered yoga teacher), and slowly created balance in her business life. She went on to get three more fitness certifications 😲, and research how to detox her kitchen, food, lotions/makeup, gut, brain, and so much more.


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